You demand accuracy and quality of your production resources, but above all a great reliability. Your machines should continue to function, even though they sometimes are encumbered heavily or prolonged. Cast machine parts have been the traditional solution, because we can make everything you need with it. In any desired alloy, depending on the requirements of your parts. We produce according to an existing design, copy existing examples and design new components with 3D Autocad. Accurate up to the hundredth of a millimeter and with a long service life.

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Industry XL
Wear resistance, strength and heat resistance are the main qualities our products for heavy industry have to meet. They must continue to function under difficult conditions. From abrasive wear in industries like cocoa, coal, cement and dredging to enormous loads in the crane industry and high temperatures in the energy sector and the waste processing and glass industry. Every day, our custom castings find their way to the most diverse and complex installations.

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Casting offers a nostalgic vision to Dutch streets for already many hundreds of years. We all know the many iron railings in canal cities such as Amsterdam and Utrecht. But around the country, both large cities and small villages accommodate many majestic cast ornaments. In our existence, we have cast countless items of ‘street furniture’ commissioned by municipalities and city architects. From lamppost to baluster fence. View our extensive range of nostalgic balusters.

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Construction industry
During the restoration process of old buildings, construction companies regularly have to deal with the replacement of cast ornaments. These should be identical to the original design, but are usually no longer commercially available. Do you have an existing model or a design? In that case we love to cast a perfectly identical item for you!
We also carry a large assortment of nostalgic door grilles for decoration or protection. Besides the use in historic buildings, these gratings are also becoming more and more popular in modern homes. View our wide range of original cast iron door grilles and nostalgic balusters.


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